About us

Dunbar Memorial Preschool has been making play the cornerstone of children’s early learning for over 50 years.

Our School

Our excellent curriculum provides for learning opportunities through socialization, free play, group activities, arts and crafts, and more. Our facilities enable compelling, creative play-based learning in a safe, respectful, and inviting space.

Led by our talented team of teachers, the the parent involvement model is one that has fostered as sense of community among our families year after year, and long after the children have moved on to elementary school.

The Classroom

Our large classroom facilities are located in the lower level of the Dunbar Community Centre. This spacious, bright, and inspiring space invites children to explore a variety of activities in an open-concept environment. Our classroom houses a quiet reading corner, circle time mat, science table, puppet show stage, craft tables, train table, tricycles, dress-up station, playhouse, and many other toys and games. Our space also includes handwashing stations, shared cubbyholes, and an in-class kitchen for snack preparation.

Our Teachers

Vivienne Tan

I completed my Bachelor’s of Early Childhood Care and Education at Capilano University. I have worked with many young children for several years as an Early Childhood Educator Assistant, a practicum student and as a volunteer. Including school-aged children at a Before and After-School program and at summer day camps.


I believe early childhood care and education enables children to find their identity and voice. Every child has their own individual identity and it is our responsibility as educators to help children discover them. With this responsibility, I believe in active listening and co-constructed learning with children is vital. By actively listening and co-constructing with children, we are able to create a curriculum that is emergent and lively.


Play is the foundation to a child’s health and well-being. I believe children learn best through play. Through play, children learn and understand the world around them.


I am passionate about art education and outdoor education. I believe children’s artistic explorations are languages. Loris Malaguzzi contributes to this thinking with the concept of the Hundred Languages of Children. The Hundred Languages of Children emphasizes the significant range and richness of children’s expressive and communicative languages, and ways of making meaning. It reinforces the notion that the arts are an essential part of learning and discovery for children.


Through outdoor education it focuses on rebuilding relationships with nature by establishing opportunities for children to build an ongoing relationship with a natural space. When children begin to listen and engage with the natural world they are offered with diverse opportunities to discover, experiment, experience, and explore personal connections that can truly impact the natural world. In many ways, children are given the chance to gain a deeper understanding about who they can be and what they can do to help support the land we live on.


I love the outdoors, I enjoy cycling, and absorbing all the things nature has to offer us. I love to play volleyball and spending time with family and friends.

Enalyne Point 

Hello my name is Enalyne Point but feel free to call me Ena. I am a Vancouverite and I am thankful to live just down the road on the Musqueam Reserve with my husband and 2 boys, who are turning 10 and 3 in June.

I have worked as a Family Drop in Coordinator and facilitator for 8 years and I have a strong background in Family Resource Programs as well as school readiness programs. I also have a background in Culinary Arts and am a Birthing Doula.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my family doing traditional activities such as foraging or fishing, and explore new hobbies. Currently I am studying to be an Aromatherapist. I am so excited to start a new chapter in my life at the Dunbar Preschool in September and look forward to meeting all the families! I am an advocate of true play and all of its possibilities because it is a universal tool that anyone can use to learn how to make the impossible, possible.

Dunbar Memorial Park

Dunbar Memorial Preschool has access to the adjoining field and playground/park areas. We try to be outdoors as much as possible, but when Vancouver weather doesn’t cooperate, the preschool has a space designed for physical recreation in the classroom

Our School Song

Dunbar, Dunbar
Where every kid’s a star!
We love our school
We think it’s cool
Hurray, hurray for Dunbar!”