About us

Dunbar Memorial Preschool has been making play the cornerstone of children’s early learning for over 50 years.

Our School

Our excellent curriculum provides for learning opportunities through socialization, free play, group activities, arts and crafts, and more. Our facilities enable compelling, creative play-based learning in a safe, respectful, and inviting space.

Led by our talented team of teachers, the the parent involvement model is one that has fostered as sense of community among our families year after year, and long after the children have moved on to elementary school.

The Classroom

Our large classroom facilities are located in the lower level of the Dunbar Community Centre. This spacious, bright, and inspiring space invites children to explore a variety of activities in an open-concept environment. Our classroom houses a quiet reading corner, circle time mat, science table, puppet show stage, craft tables, train table, tricycles, dress-up station, playhouse, and many other toys and games. Our space also includes handwashing stations, shared cubbyholes, and an in-class kitchen for snack preparation.

Our Teachers

Paula Tisdale

Born in Ontario and raised in the beautiful Okanagan, Vancouver became my second home over a decade ago. My childcare journey began in Kelowna and this year I will be celebrating 20 years as an Early Childhood Educator. During this time, I have had the honour of becoming a mom which has merged the soul refining experience of parenting with my love for teaching.

Sharing time with children, being outdoors and practicing spiritual principles enrich my life with joy and inspiration. I love to create and learn with children through active listening, mindful exploration and warm hearted playfulness. I also enjoy creating beautiful environments that make learning visible and reflect the significance of learning through play. Supporting children’s thoughts and ideas, helping to nurture their emotional well being and fostering positive social development are my teaching priorities. I believe in providing a fun, inclusive and collaborative framework to help children thrive.

I am enthusiastic to be joining the Dunbar Memorial Preschool teaching team this year. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of such a friendly and upportive community. I look forward to meeting you and making lasting memories together.

Cherish Brown

Early Childhood Educator

Born and raised in the Fraser Valley I grew up surrounded by lush forest, wilderness and scenic lakes. A lover of the outdoors I naturally grew a passion for travel. I spent 3 years overseas living in Australia where I went to school and obtained my Early Childhood Education. 

I enjoy working with children because it’s a rewarding career where I can truly make a difference. It’s important to me to build loving and caring relationships with children and their families. I promote creative learning through stories, designs, and open ended questions. I believe in a holistic approach through play based education and creating a safe environment where children are encouraged to share their ideas and take risks.

I’m so happy and excited to be a part of Dunbar Memorial Preschool and the beautiful Dunbar community. 


I was born and raised in Shizuoka, Japan where there are many forests and rivers. As a child I enjoyed catching lizards and frogs, climbing up trees, painting with natural dyes made from flowers, picking vegetables my grandmother grew, and many more fun outdoor activities.

Before becoming an Early Childhood Educator, I worked at an English school in Japan for children from 6 months old to 13 years old. Having meaningful relationships with children and their families encouraged me to obtain Early Childhood Education licence to support them with better quality care. After completing my ECE education, I worked at an International Preschool until I moved to Vancouver.

Sharing time with children brings me so much joy. As a teacher, I love seeing children’s development day by day and sharing families’ happiness of their children’s growth. I value making a heart-warming environment for children, families, teachers, and people who will be meeting in this community. I am excited to meet you all and making lasting memories together!

I believe letting children explore the outdoors brings them new discoveries and it piques their interests which helps them learn new things. I am excited to have “Adventure time” with children at Dunbar Memorial Preschool

I am looking forward to know more about all of you!

Carly Jensen

Born and raised in Richmond BC, I have always loved the beautiful outdoors and really appreciate the benefit of children’s outdoor play. My journey working with children started when I coached girls basketball at a community centre for many years. I then went on to get my yoga teacher training and have been teaching kids yoga ever since. I was only teaching kids yoga once a week when I realized I wanted to be working with children everyday. I went on to do my Early Childhood Education and have been working in childcare ever since.

I believe in strong relationships and connections with both my students and their families. I want the children to feel supported and excited when they come to school and to build many friendships. I love seeing children work together and of course get their bodies moving in many different ways. I encourage open ended play and activities as well as outdoor exploring as much as possible.

I am so looking forward to starting at Dunbar Memorial Preschool and building relationships with each of the children and families.

Dunbar Memorial Park

Dunbar Memorial Preschool has access to the adjoining field and playground/park areas. We try to be outdoors as much as possible, but when Vancouver weather doesn’t cooperate, the preschool has a space designed for physical recreation in the classroom

Our School Song

Dunbar, Dunbar
Where every kid’s a star!
We love our school
We think it’s cool
Hurray, hurray for Dunbar!”