Hello DMPPP Parents, to view the main calendar which runs the preschool, click the button below.

Snack FAQ

If you cannot bring snack due to sickness or scheduling conflict ahead of time, please look at the calendar and arrange a swap with another parent.
If you have already bought/prepared snack, but can not come due to you or your child being sick, ask someone to bring it to school for you.
If you need help with making snack swap, please contact the class parent.



How to link this calendar directly into your phone or computer calendar

  • If you use gmail/google calendar – click on the + Google calendar button above
  • If you use an iPhone, iPad, Android device – subscribe to this calendar and have it show up directly in your calendar on your phone/tablet.  iPhone/iPad instructions  – right hand click and copy this address and use it in step 6 – no username or password needed)
  • If you use iCal or any CalDav compatible calendar on your computer – click on this link.  Then, open up the file that’s downloaded and your calendar will do the rest
  • If you’d like to attach the preschool calendar but are a bit bamboozled, click here and let us know you need a hand