Outdoor Nature Class


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 10:30 – 12:00
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 12:45 – 2:15

For fees go to the Registration Page.

Children explore the wooded area near Memorial Park and are encouraged to follow their own interests.

Rain or shine, we share stories, collect natural treasures, learn respect for the natural world, and have a lot of fun just playing outside.  Teachers use limited toys and equipment in the Outdoor Program so that children are encouraged to use their imaginations in the outdoor environment around them.  A branch becomes a fishing pole, a pinecone becomes an ice-cream cone.  The imagination of children is limitless.

This program can be combined with the preschool program so children have an extended day.  Children in the 3s program can attend a morning preschool class and an afternoon Outdoor Nature Program.  Children in the 4s Program can attend the Outdoor Nature Program in the morning and attend their preschool class in the afternoon.