3 Year Old Program


Monday to Thursdays mornings 9 -12
Friday afternoon 12:45 – 3:45
2, 3, 4 and 5 Day Options

For fees please go to the Registration page.

Parents looking for afternoon 3 year old preschool options can contact the preschool.  Some 3 year olds may be able to join the afternoon classes Monday to Thursday pending space availability.

Dunbar Memorial Preschool’s 3-year-old program offers a vibrant, play-based morning experience spanning three hours. Parents can choose attendance for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week.  The teacher-to-child ratio is notably low, with one teacher per 6.7 children, surpassing the government licensing requirements of 1 teacher to 10 children.  The classes have a maximum class size of 20 children with 3 teachers.

This program is carefully designed to foster social, emotional, cognitive, language, fine and gross motor development in children. Teachers acknowledge that children may have preferences for certain activities and actively encourage them to explore new interests. Cognitive concepts like the alphabet, colors, color mixing, numbers, and counting are introduced through play, games, songs, and intentionally created activities. Fine motor skills essential for scissor use and holding markers and crayons are developed through sensory materials like playdough or activities involving the use of tongs. Language skills blossom through dramatic play, social interactions, singing, exposure to new experiences, and participation in classroom conversations. Social and emotional skills are nurtured through conflict resolution, understanding feelings and emotions, and expressing themselves to teachers and peers. Gross motor skills are honed during outdoor playground time and indoor activities such as soccer, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, tricycle riding, and obstacle courses.  Children are encouraged to develop independent skills by taking off and putting on shoes, donning coats (without necessarily zipping or buttoning them up), bringing their backpack to snack time, cleaning up their snack after snack time and assisting in classroom clean up time. The 3-year-old program follows a schedule encompassing free play time, circle time, gross motor play, snack time and outdoor play time.