Summer Preschool Camps

The themes for each week are the same for both morning and afternoon classes but in the afternoon activities will be outside in the natural setting of Memorial Park West.   REGISTER NOW AS SPACES ARE FILLING UP.

Morning Preschool Class: 9:00 – 11:30. (3-5 year olds)

If children are not fully potty trained the child must wear a pull up and the parent must stay within 15 minutes of the Community Centre in case the child needs changing.

Afternoon Outdoor Nature Camp: 3-5 year olds 12:30 – 3:00

Full Day Camps are 9 am to 3 pm. 2 spaces left for July. 3 spaces for August.

Morning, Afternoon or Full Day Camp options are available.

Due to space restrictions parents are not allowed to stay in the classroom during camp sessions.

July 4th – 7th  (4 day camp) Pop, Pop, Pop! Explore the world of “bubbles” from bubble foam to bubble art and bubble science.  Children will learn all about bubbles.  2 spaces left in the AM.

July 10th – 14th – To Infinity and Beyond. Children will embark on a week in Outer Space.  From magnetic painting, rocket ships and constellations your child will have fun exploring the wonderful world of outer space.  2 spaces left in the AM.

July 17th – 21st – Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. Did you know that Dunbar Community Centre has its own beehives?  The exciting world of bees will be explored through the creation of beehives, learning the parts of a bee, bee art and playing with “honey” slime.  2 Spaces in the AM.

July 24th – 28th. My Body investigates the parts of the body, x-rays and bones, and sensory self-portraits.  Through art, music and movement children will have fun learning about the human body. 2 spaces left in the AM.

July 31st – August 4th Somewhere over the Rainbow.  Children will explore the world of colour with rainbow art, rainbow science and rainbow necklaces.  3 spaces left in the AM.

Aug 8th – 11th (4 day camp) Hands-on, Nose-on, Mouth-On, Ears-On., Eyes-On. This camp helps children to learn about their 5 senses. Children will be engaged in fun and exciting science, sensory, music and art activities to practice using their senses.  4 spaces left in the AM.

Aug 14th – 18th Sounds of the Ocean.  What would summer be without exploring the ocean.  Seashells, sand, marine life and more will all be explored through sensory activities, art and music.  3 spaces left in the AM.

Aug 21st – 25th Hooked on Nature.  Children will explore and learn about woodland wildlife.  From art, books, music, science, forest exploration and scavenger hunts children will discover the world of woodland wildlife.  4 spaces left in the AM.

Aug 28th – 31st (4 days) The Secret World of Bugs.  These small but mighty creatures have important jobs and preschoolers can learn about the creepy crawlies around them.  From metamorphosis, to pollination and all the fun facts about insects.  5 spaces left in the AM.