Summer Preschool Camps

Summer Camp Fees

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The themes for each week are the same for both morning and afternoon classes but in the afternoon activities will be outside in the natural setting of Memorial Park West.   REGISTER NOW FOR SUMMER 2024.

Morning Preschool Class: 9:00 – 11:30. (3-5 year olds).  CHILDREN MUST BE TURNING THREE BY DECEMBER 31ST of this calendar year. 

If children are not fully potty trained the child must wear a pull up and the parent must stay within 15 minutes of the Community Centre in case the child needs changing.

Afternoon Outdoor Nature Camp: 12:30 – 3:00  4-5 year olds. Children must be turning 4 by December 31st of this calendar year. 

Full Day Camps are 9 am to 3 pm and are available for 4 and 5 year olds.  Children attending must no longer require naps.  Parents may request on a limited basis for 3 year olds to attend full days but the children must no longer be napping in the afternoon.   Only 2 Full Month of August morning spaces left.  Only 3 Full Month of July morning spaces left.

Morning, Afternoon or Full Day Camp options are available.  MORNING CAMPS ARE FULL  Afternoon camps still have a few spaces July 15th and 29th weeks.

Due to space restrictions parents are not allowed to stay in the classroom during camp sessions.

July 2 – 5 (4 day camp) Roar like a lion, hop like a kangaroo and slither like a snake.  Children will be taken on a Zoo Adventure for the week.  Zoo art, zoo songs and an adventure that reverberates.  (AM and PM FULL)

July 8 – 12 – Campfire tales, starry trails and where nature’s symphony never fails.  A week long camping journey that is sure to engage all the campers.  (AM and PM FULL)

July 15 – 19 – Coyotes, rabbits, raccoons, bears and deer.  Children will explore the woodland wonders where critters roam and thunder through sensory play, art, song and stories.  (AM FULL PM 1 space)

July 22-26. Aye, aye matey.  Sea breezes and pirate seizes. Children will captain their pirate journey through song, art, stories and movement.  (AM  and PM FULL)

July 29 – Aug 2 – Welcome to the Greatest Show on earth.  Children will play and explore under the Big Top with all things circus.  Circus songs, circus animals and circus fun.  (AM and PM FULL )

Aug 6 – 9 (4 day camp) Climb a beanstalk, build a house out of straw or dance with the 7 dwarfs.  Once upon a time will have your children absorbed in the world of fairy tales.  (AM and PM FULL)

Aug 12 -16 – Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man and Harley Quinn will all be part of this super hero week.  Children will train to be a super hero through art, movement, song and stories.  (AM and PM FULL)

Aug 19 – 23 –  Roar into the past and unleash the Dinosaur past.  Children will search for dinosaur bones, and explore the mighty creature in art, song, dramatic play and movement. (AM and PM FULL)

Aug 26 – 29 (4 days) Humpty Dumpty, the Itsy, Bitsy Spider and Little Miss Muffet will all join this exciting week of Nursery Rhymes.  From stories to art children will interact with all the favourite rhymes and characters.  (AM and PM FULL)

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